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tv   News  ABC  November 16, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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can fall. because of the fallen leaves clogging up the storm drains. puddles to be expected so the kid may have something to jump in this morning. it could get interesting by thursday many we talk about that coming. but here's the most poreful doppler radar, up 95 through laurel, we have hefty rains. brooklyn park yellow shading highlighting that. it's all around the beltway. and it's to a moderate rain this morning. three more where it came from and you can see it extending through virginia and pod rit to heavy rain will build in about i this afternoon with the two degree guaranteed high of 56. it is 6:30. we have got the perfect person on the bus. kim brown has the latest. >> reporter: i am not driving the bus. but we are driving traffic all be it a little slow. outer loop, volume heavy and starting to crawl make your way from 795 down past the i-70 interchange. let's look at the maps. a quick heads up in anne arundel county in fort meade. both westbound lanes of route 32
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are closed at route 198. that's because of an accident. if you are going east and west, try using route 175 this morning as an alternate. in baltimore city, two accidents, one at reisterstown road on southbound lanes and another crash eastbound edmonton and working an accident up in dundalk at west fill road and now back to you. >> thanks. a loch raven grad stud -- grad studying chemistry is in critical condition after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. morning of jared paul jones are hoping he will be okay and the driver will be found. charlie crowson joins us in the studio with more. charlie. >> reporter: megan, thank you. bets young -- betsy and jim jones left maryland after learning their son was a the victim of a senseless hit-and-run. they are pleading for the person responsible for hitting the 21-year-old to turn himself in. jones is from glen arm in baltimore county and a junior at miami. according to witnesses washings crossing the street from coral gables when he was hit.
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he was taken to a hospital where he remains in critical condition sferg massive head trauma. >> unbearable. can't put into word. watching my children come in and look at their brother is just ripped us to shred. and please, if you can, the be empathetic to us and come forward so that we can just have answers. >> reporter: shortly after saturday night's accident, reports out of florida indicate jones was mistakenly pronounced dead. the hospital has since changed that saying he remains in critical condition. some within on scene told police they got a partial license plate on the car andaed the driver who police believed to be an elderly man in a sedan stopped briefly before fleeing the scene. in the studio, charlie crowson, abc2 news. >> thanks. and friends have been leaving messages on paul's facebook page. his friend wrote in may god decide what you get to stay
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with us and that you have a quick recovery. hang in there, best friend. i know you will be all right. you will get through this and soon we shall get together and see each other one again. >> let's say you are packed and ready to go to chicago for the meeting today at one. you will zoom down the bw parkway and jump out and kiss the driver bye and your thoughts should be on the sales proposal more than getting past security at bwi. emily schmidt reports this morning what the tsa plans to ease your stress. >> reporter: busy holiday travel often means crowded flights. >> come on through. >> reporter: but it's a preflight routine that has some customers missing the personal safety. >> you can do that out here before if -- but if you touch my junk you will be arrest. >> reporter: he says that's how he told tsa he didn't want a hands on pat-down search. he canceled the flight and posted the interaction on
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youtube. officials say the wary -- worry is unwarranted. >> it's protecting the public. >> reporter: two security measures prompt the concern. first 300 full body scanser in 60 airports with more to come. >> they in no way resemble electronic strip searches. >> reporter: pilot unions worry about radiation exposure for pilots who fly frequently and who have already passed extensive security checks. >> to waste the resources, take them away from the true threat and apply them to the pilots is just absurbed. >> reporter: the next security layer is pat-downs with more extensive hands searches and no chance to refuse. >> i don't like being touched like that in personal areas and everything. and it's just kind of invasive. >> reporter: the t sam says john tyner could be fined as much as $11,000 for not completing the screening. emily schmidt, abc news washington. and in a case that you thought couldn't get worse. documents reveal details about the disappearance of a
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10-year-old girl in north carolina. zahra baker's step mom told police she was killed dismembered and then left in different locations. a memorial is now planned for the girl but people have started to leave angry messages aimed at her father and stepmother. >> whoever did this to her needs to suffer. >> it brax my heart whoever you know, is -- breaks my heart whoever was involved. >> the step more's lawyer is asking her bond to be reduced to less than $10,000 because she was cooperative and less likely to flee. memorials are planned throughout the community for zahra and student will be wearing white today in the girl's memory. students of hers. here's something you don't see every day. a coyote dashing through the streets of chicago. the animal's adventure was caught on camera this morning. but no worries, city officials say it is just doing his job hunting for mice and rats in the city. they say the animal is actually timid and avoids people while cleaning up the city streets of
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pests. officials say the coyote has been fitted with a tracking collar so they can keep tabs on it. that's what we need to do in baltimore. >> what. >> get a coyote to get rid of a rats. first daughter sasha animallia inspired the president to write of thee i sing a letter to my daughters. the publisher said it was written before obama took office. obama's latest book is tribute to 13 ground breaking americans and the ideals that shaped our nation from georgia o'keefe to jackie robison to george washington and proceeds will be donated to a scholarship fund for children of fallen and disabled soldiers. you probably haven't purchased the turkey for thanksgiving, but when you do, you will notice the price going up. >> of course. and across the country, charities report turkey donations dropped dramatically. how they hope to get what they need to help feed the needy. and it's the most magical day of your life.
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one new charity group wants to ensure that everyone, everyone can have the dream wedding no matter what the circumstances.
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we are back here. 20ments away from 7. and all across the country we are finding charities are saying turkey donation dropped dramatically this thank giving. >> some blame the rough ecomony and higher prices. abc clayton explains. >> reporter: volunteers at denver rescue mission are standing by waiting for drivers to drop off thanksgiving turkeys. this year,. >> we a slow start because of the recession. >> reporter: from california to connecticut, charities nationwide report that turkey donations have dropped dramatically. >> this year's been really tough. we started the drive on november 1st and about 10 days into it, we had zero turkeys. >> reporter: charities are blaming a rough ecomony and turkey prices that this year
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average 20% higher. >> everybody with their families is trying to scrape and save. so i think it's harder. people are not as generous. >> reporter: for people in need, volunteers say the impact goes beyond just one holiday meal. >> when turkey donations are down, we can't provide the same services we normally would in the community. you know, it's services for seniors, homeless, children, the victims of dough nestic -- domestic vile en. >> reporter: as word of the turkey trouble spread, more are donating but many groups have not met goals. with time running out before thanksgiving, empty storage freezers are slowly filling up as charities every where hope to close the turkey gap. clayton sandel, abc news, denver. coming next on "good morning, maryland, a mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has nearly been on the job ten months. but names you might recognize have said they want the top job in city hall. we will run the roster down.
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and it's colder but some you have die-hard fans are getting excited. we will tell you when orioles fan fest will take place. and if you want to get to new york for under 40 bucks take the mega bus. now the discount bus company will take baltimoreans to new locations for the same low rate. plus... area college are taking more safety precautions in light of on campus robberies. i am sherrieionson, coming up, the advice police offer student.
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good morning i am yamy -- jammy cos tealo. >> i am megan pringle. let's get to weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> we have a few reports of fog mixed in with the mist and rain and a messy start to a tuesday. it's going to be well all day. so grab your patients -- patience and a nice hot cup of joe. wintersville high school you can see the mist and check out the fog at least covering some of the tree tops in owings mills. there's the harbor school at 47. not a lot of rain so far. maryland most powerful doppler
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radar shows it easing up but a lot of spray kicked up on the cars in front of you and more rain from virginia that spreads our way with showers this morning and it's a steadier heavier rain this afternoon and 56 degrees our two degree guarantee. here a kim with traffic. >> reporter: we have have fog warnings in place at the key bridge. so take the speed down a bit. no problems on 95. we have a bunch of accidents. most are happening on the secondary roads. looking at the maps, earlier accident on route 32 at route 198 has been cleared but expected to be close from telegraph. a crash in ellicott city eastbound route 100 at meadow ridge and another one in anne arundel. and baltimore city, edmonton windor mill and another crash in parkville at taylor and paring parkway. darned right it's something to be concerned become we pay tuition, we tell our teens to watch out for this and that. and then this and that happens. loyola, he essex, and towson
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things happen in three but eit has to stop before it reaches four. sherrie johnson is live with more on crime on campus. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning. we are live at towson university. i have to tell you in the two hours we have been here this morning, we have seen a beefed up security out here. we have seen a number of patrols going by. a lot more than we usually see when on campus becauseyone is on high alert after robberies on three different college campuses. on monday, of last week a. woman at towson university was robbed while trying to make an atm deposit and thursday a man held a gun to a woman in a parking lot at the ccbc essex campus and took her wallet. on friday, three students at loyola university were robbed in a parking lot when two men walked up to them and demanded money and jewelry. all three incidents triggered campus wide e-mail to student, faculity and staff. >> generally i feel safe walk around the campus.
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there's lights around here. security is there. >> student need to be aware of that, and they have to be aware of their surroundings because of proximity to rough areas. >> reporter: now police say the descriptions that they received in the cases are all different. they don't match and doesn't think the robberies are related in anyway. and so far, they have not made any arrest in the cases. reporting live at towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. just days after prince george's county executive jack johnson was arrested in federal operation, several of the officers are in custody on unrelated charges. the officers are accused of smuggling untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. several of the arrest center around a clarksville businessman and his wife. federal prosecutor say the couple paid at least two police officers and other to smuge cigarettes and liquor from virginia to avoid tacks. the other case accuse two virginia men including a prince george's county police officer
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of conspiring to distribute cocaine. the feds say this is part of an ongoing investigation into the corruption in the county and the feds say the indictments of police officers are very disturbing and hinted more arrests could be on the way. >> these two cases have one important feature in common. they allege police officers violated the trust of the people of prince george's county so joined with criminals to commit criminal violations. >> as i stated on friday, we are once again asking the public that might have information regarding any corruption within this county in any department, to contact the fbi. >> well so far nine people way rested in two indictments including three prince george's county police officers. news time is 6:49. the next election day is not until next year of course. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is preparing to
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face challenger. rawlings-blake took over in february for former mayor sheila dixon who stepped down in part of a plea deal on corruption charges. there's list of people 36-year-old otis raul who worked for dixon and former marrow male. baltimore circuit court judge frank coniaway and state senator hughes. well, baltimore police this morning are on the lookout for a gecko iguana and other exotic animals stolen from a nature center. according to police, the theft took mace in the west baltimore over the weekend. an employee found the doors unlocked yesterday and several animals were missing. two geckos, 6 turtles and a madagascar hissing cockroach were tang. life reptiles and a hawk house. ten away from seven. where to begin. first redskins fans, you were excited to hear the news donovan
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mcnabb was gain five-year contract extension even though he he was benched last week. he was playing against his former including, the eagles and a friend he's known swains 17, michael vick who had the game of his life e passed and ran and he led. the eagles get the 59-28 win at fed ex field. if you are a redskins fan, you've never seen your team pkd apart like this. you have to admit, michael vick is the league's mvp. what a night. and what a neat event. play like a rain. all right. they will. a group of special olympians will play flag football today at the ravens castle in owings mills. the ravens invited four teams representing baltimore and howard county. and since being drafted joe flacco has been involved in special oligs limb picks and will be out there. wonder if he will be the all time qb. cheerleaders will be there. this is closed to the public and we will send the camera out there and we are showing fan fest. >> that's the next story. >> yes. fan fest coming up. i know you are probably not
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thinking about baseball right now or camden yards, but you will be soon. orioles fan fest 2011 is set for saturday, january 29th. baltimore convention center. the event features autographed session with current and former orioles and clinics and exhibits and interactive games. as mortgaga state university continues to grow, parking is quickly becoming one of the most valuable piece of real estate around the neighborhood. neighbors around the university protested because the number of students parking in nearby neighborhoods. the protest was staged at cold spring and hillan. >> nine in the morning to 3 or four in the afternoon, you go to the store, and 15 minutes and you come back and your parking place is gone. and you had nowhere else to park. >> it's frustrating. i actually have to move my car two or three times a day to make sure it's two-hour limit to make sure i don't get a ticket, you have to keep moving the car. >> so morgan state officials say they hear residents
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frustrations. and the new park garage that's almost done should help the issue but the university says it will take corporation. the president is now set to meet with the community tomorrow to begin to talk about some other solutions. >> 6:52. discount bus dealer mega bus expanding service from baltimore starting routes serving boston, buffalo, and toronto. the company will sell tickets for the new routes today and the routes will start on december 15th and the ride will begin in washington and stop at current mega bus stop at white marsh park and ride. you can get tickets to the various destinations for as low as $1. >> kim brown is on the bus to toronto right now. >> absolutely. imagine granting a dying wish for a terminally ill patient. well, that's wish upon a wedding is what it is all about. it's a nonprofit organization providing dream weddings for couples facing circumstances that are tough, for example, a terminal illness. organizers hope people will be inspired by the people who get
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their wishes granted. the maryland chapter started in march and it's planning to grant two dream weddings. to raise awareness and funds, they have a blissful wishes ball tomorrow at the treemont grand from 6 until 10. and to buy tickets, make a donation or visit our website, look for the story. there's a link to wish upon a wedding attached to it. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> 6:54. and the word of the day is soggy. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 40s right now. officially hagerstown baltimore and easton at 48 degrees. 55 is the warm stuff toward ocean city. they not going to be much movement on the thermometer and that's typical. we have showers this morning. we get a little break but there's spray around beltway. and there's more rain building back in from central virginia further down to the south.
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we were watching this storm generate off the shores of texas and the gulf coast yesterday. now, it's going through arkansas and northern mississippi. it is tapped into the gulf of mexico moisture. heavy rain and thunderstorms this morning in the panhandle of florida through south georgia and rain wrapping around the backside of the storm ahead of that cold front. it gets squeezed up the mountains to our west. and that is a warm wet storm track for us. we expect the rain to get steadier and heavier maybe as soon as lunchtime and through the afternoon and evening, up to an inch possible in maryland with pour rain to the west and to the south. that storm wraps up and pulls the rain again tonight it will be wet but gets out here by daybreak and strong winds whip in. 30 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts tomorrow. next disturbance cold air will dump snow in the mountains. and could be a rain and or snow shower nearby on wednesday evening. 56 the morning showers but a steady rain this afternoon. tonight we are back to about 52 degrees. rain ends by daybreak. tomorrow about the winds. and 62. 56 dry thursday and thursday evening a shower. only 49 but dry on friday.
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kim. justin, the fog is more pronounced as you take a peek at the cameras. here in anne arundel county, it's 97 at route 100. fobbing fog and mist is hang over the roadways cause problems around the area. looking at the maps, in anne arundel problem, we have the most problems. in fort meade they closed route 32 westbound approaching 19 # from the earlier crash. we are dealing with a pair of accidents on route 100. 1 in -- one in elliot city. third westbound out in anne arundel county and baltimore city work crashes at edmonton and windor mill at weathersdale and parkville crash activity at taylor parkway. coming on "good morning, america" four contestants are on "dancing with the stars." one of the most talked about is bristol palin. we will tell you how people say she is surviving on show and more on that and tonight's elimination. >> t minus 10 shopping days
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